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Heart to Heart Hospice - Fort Wayne

Heart to Heart Hospice - Fort Wayne

The Heart to Heart Hospice philosophy of care has an emphasis on positive outcomes for our patients and their loved ones. Setting goals will enable our patients to live their lives to the fullest while maintaining their dignity nearly anywhere the patient calls home. We believe that each patient should have the ability to control the direction of their own care while they are capable, as well as after they become incapable of communicating their needs and wishes. Advance directives are available to patients for future healthcare decisions in the absences of their ability to communicate their preferences that will be used by the medical professionals. 

When a patient is admitted to our services, a personalized care plan is developed by the Heart to Heart Hospice care team, in correlation with the patient and the patient’s primary care physician. This care plan will address the patient’s needs and wishes, as well as reflect their values and beliefs. A schedule will be created based on the amount of care that the patients and their loved ones will need from the care team. Heart to Heart Hospice will continually review the care plan, because as priorities change, so will the level of care and services needed.


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