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iCan Bike - Fort Wayne

iCan Bike - Fort Wayne

    Fort Wayne, IN
  • Phone: 260-471-9964
  • Primary Contact: Shelley Yoder
  • Email: s.yoder@dsani.org

iCan Shine Vision

Movement and Play are the basis for all iCan Shine programs.  Each program provides success through experience. Every effort is acknowledged for each unique person’s individual abilities.  Recreational skills can be difficult to master for individuals with disabilities.  Breaking skills into small, achievable goals and celebrating each accomplishment builds the self-esteem and confidence needed to continue the challenges of learning.

This is what we call the sense of “iCan”.  Everyone needs to believe “iCan” in order to make the effort required to gain the skill.  Positive encouragement and guidance from well-trained, energized instructors and volunteers allow each participant to discover and develop their “iCan” in a safe, supportive and fun environment.

Participants undergo a transformation from not believing they are able to accomplish a skill, to believing “iCan”. This impacts their well-being and opens them to try new activities.  Choices in recreation should be available for everyone.

Fitness is easier to achieve when it is fun and you can be successful.  That’s when you really SHINE! Everyone can shine.  We all just need the right environment and parameters in place to meet our individual needs.  In the iCan Shine environment of teaching and learning, everyone advances, everyone gains by the experience, everyone is successful and… everyone shines


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