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Interpreters Unlimited

Interpreters Unlimited

Interpreters Unlimited provides interpretation and translation services for a wide range of businesses across the state. The following areas, in particular, have industry-specific language service needs:

Automotive – More than 600 automotive companies are located in Indiana area, including Toyota, Honda, and General Motors. IU’s Indiana interpreters and translators provide assistance to international auto organizations by providing accurate and confidential translation interpretation services in more than 200 languages.

Manufacturing – A variety of international manufacturing companies across different business sectors have offices in Indiana. Interpreters Unlimited bridges both internal and external language barriers for these companies through our on-site interpretation, document translation, and sign language interpretation services.

Information Technology – Indiana’s world-class universities and government entities promote the development of new technologies in throughout the state. Indiana draws technology professionals from across the globe; these individuals often speak languages such as Japanese, Chinese, German, and Korean. IU’s professional translators are industry experts and provide language interpretation and document translation services in over 200 languages and dialects.


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