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Finding disability services online can be like digging for a needle in a haystack. But with IndianaPop, now you have a magnet.

Special Services, Johnson County

Special Services, Johnson County

  • 500 Earlywood Dr.
    Franklin, Indiana 46131
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  • Phone: 317.736.8495

Strategic Goals:

To hold high expectations for students & ourselves

Demonstrate actions illuminating that children can and will achieve at high levels
Engage in professional discourse that challenges conventional thinking

To engage in practices driven by evidence & to make decisions based on data

Cite evidence in communications and provide justification for decisions
Utilize data to make decisions about students, programs, and services

To provide leadership through professional development & communications

Involve stakeholders in comprehensive professional development aligned to student needs
Facilitate Professional Learning Communities to guide practice
Deliver communications that share research and practical guidance

To collaborate with and be responsible to the needs of our member districts

Understand the needs within the local schools
Create solutions through synergy
Build relationships with member district colleagues


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